Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Do You Follow Other Crafter's Blogs ?

As promised from time to time, I will put information here for those of you who are "orphaned" Demonstrators.

Today's topic is following blogs, and or setting up your blog to receive followers ! Do you have a Subscriber / Follower box so that others can subscribe to your blog ? If not, it isn't that hard to add to your blog ( it is under the gadgets for Blogger ). Just sign in and go to My blogs. Then on the right hand side, there's a little box that says " VIEW BLOG", to the left of that, you will see several choices to scroll down to. Go to LAYOUT and click on LAYOUT.

On your LAYOUT page, on each side you will see the word "GADGET". Click on the TOP one.
This will open another page that says  "ADD A GADGET "......

Scroll down until you see ( it's the fifth one down ) :
Click on this.
Next you will see " Configure By Email "
At the bottom of this you will see an ORANGE BOX that says "SAVE" on this box to SAVE.

ALL DONE ! Now each time you post new content on your blog ( Pictures or just a comment ) ALL those who have SUBSCRIBED to your BLOG will receive this info in their inbox of their e-mail accounts, assuring them that they won't miss your creative posts !!!

Hope this helps you to get more subscribers !!!

Happy Stamping !


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