Monday, July 1, 2013


Hi !
To those of you who have been subscribing to my blog for awhile now, THANKS !!!
I would love to get at least 25 subscribers so that I can reward someone with a blog candy contest!!!  I know I have asked you before to pass my blog address on to others, but I really would appreciate your help !

So, if you know someone that enjoys CRAFT BLOGS, please, please ask them to subscribe to my blog !!!
I would like to get the numbers up to 25 ( maybe 30 pleeaassseee!!! ) by the END OF JULY !!! ( I now have 16 subscribers it's only 9 subscribers more to go to make 25 subscribers !!

I am really working hard to have a great blog, something that not only you can ENJOY, but you can LEARN from as well.

Take care......please pass my blog on to others !!!
Happy Stamping !


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