Friday, May 31, 2013

How to install your DBWS to a YOUR BLOGGER BLOG

To those of you who are Stampin Up! demonstrators who have recently created a blog, and also have recently purchased the DBWS so that customers can order ONLINE from you, I have recently created an instruction sheet that you can follow.
I decided to publish it on my blog for all of you to copy!

Please feel free to make a copy of the instructions for your own use, or give to someone else that might need the instructions !

I also have instructions on how you can link up your SU! catalogs to your blog, as well as any of the Promotionals that Stampin'Up! puts out. Soon I will publish the instructions on how to put the promotional ads ( sometimes called Promo Buttons by some ) for you to copy as well.

I hope these instructions are of help to all of you !

How To Link Your DBWS To Your Blogger Blog


Jacqueline Dorer-Rusell

There's been some inquiries send to me  as to how to link your DBWS ( Your 24/ 7 online Stampin' Up! Store ) to your Blogger Blog. Below is the easiest way to do this !

  1. Open your SU! Website and sign in.
  2. Go to your DBWS
  3. Go to the TOP of your DBWS, and RIGHT CLICK the http address.
    ( minimize the page to the bottom of your PC )
  4. Go to your Blogger Blog. Sign in
  5. Go to blogger page, to the right of View Blog there's an arrow, click on the arrow and scroll down to LAYOUT
  6. Click on a Gadget to the right or left
  7. Scroll down until you see IMAGE. Click on IMAGE.
  8. Next is a Configure Image Page Scroll down to a box that says “From Your Computer” Click on BROWSE
  9. Next Click on Libraries and then Photos ( or Pictures )
  10. Click on Pictures, and then find the image that you have saved that says “ DBWS “ ( or however you saved it ) Click on the image
  11. The image will be uploaded ( you will see a yellow triangle with loading the image. After you see the image, go to the orange box below ( on the left hand side ) and click save.
  12. Bring up the DBWS from the bottom of your PC
  13. Go to the top of the page, where the DBWS address is ( http; etc.) RIGHT CLICK on it
  14. Go Back to the GADGET....and you will see Three boxes
    a. Title
    b. Caption
    c. Link

Put the DWBS address into the LINK box by clicking on PASTE.

  1. Next type in the title box : SU! DBWS 24/7 ONLINE STORE
  2. Next type in the Caption box : Click On Image To View
  3. Again, Click on SAVE at the bottom of the page ( orange box)


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at :

Happy Blogging !


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