Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Questions Answered For Paper Pumpkin !

Due to the fact that there was a question about the Paper Pumpkin Promotion added to the comments section on this blog, I found out the answer for you !

When a customer signs up for the Paper Pumpkin promotion YOU AS A Demonstrator get a discount. Say for instance, if you have a CUSTOMER sign up for the Paper Pumpkin promotion.....you would of course get a discount. IF the customer signs up say on March 11th, your discount is what's called Disposable Income, and this would be deposited in your account ( such as a checking account or savings account ) the following FRIDAY after a customer SIGNS up for the Paper Pumpkin Promotion. ( if you have other questions about how you obtain the discount, feel free to e-mail me )

AS a Demontrator, if YOU were to sign up for the PAPER PUMPKIN promotion, of course you would get the 20 % discount that you are entitled to ( like any other purchase you make as a Stampin UP! Demo )

I hope this helps those of you who had question about this great promotion Stampin Up! has !

IF perhaps this doesn't answer your question fully, you as a Demonstrator ( although I did get the info by calling Stampin Up! myself ) can ALWAYS call Stampin Up! to ask any questions you may have.

Just dial :   1-800-Stampup  ( 1-800-782-6787 )

Always remember that as a demo, be sure to use Stampin' Connection whenever possible. There's a lot of information for you that you will enjoy.

Have a great day, and HAPPY STAMPIN'


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